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An IRS tax audit lawyer from Gao Tax Law Firm can represent you if your tax return is under IRS examination.

Are You Looking for an IRS Audit Lawyer?

Have you received a letter or notice from a tax agency and don’t know what to do next? The response you need to provide can range from simple to extremely complex. An IRS tax audit attorney at Gao Tax Law Firm can help you interpret what they are asking for so you can respond to the letter appropriately and put this stressful situation behind you.

An IRS letter can be triggered in several situations:

  • The agency notices a discrepancy in any of your tax returns and needs an explanation.
  • An amount paid is short or over what the IRS or another tax agency calculates as due.
  • You have been selected for a tax audit.
  • You miss a payment deadline for taxes due.
  • You miss a deadline for filing tax returns.
  • You fail to respond to previous correspondence.

Please note: The IRS will never send you an email about any of the above situations. Legitimate correspondence from the IRS office on tax issues will be in the form of a physical letter. If you receive an email stating that you owe the Internal Revenue Service or missed a deadline, it’s a scam.

If you receive a discrepancy letter or notice of a balance due, it can be fairly simple to respond, especially if you have the help of a tax professional. Responding to these types of notices promptly can help you avoid a federal tax levy or additional penalties. In any situation, it’s always a good idea to get a tax attorney to review or develop any response you need to send to the IRS, but this is especially pertinent if you’re facing an audit.

How to Handle IRS Audits

No matter how meticulously you file your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service may still audit your tax return. A tax audit is just a way for the Internal Revenue Service to review your tax return to make sure that you did not make any errors. If they do discover a mistake, however, you may be subject to penalties.

There are two ways by which a tax audit can be processed: by mail or by an in-person interview at your local IRS office. In-person interviews are not common, but the IRS may request such a meeting when the individual or business is suspected of fraud or another tax-related crime. A less serious audit can typically be completed through the mail as long as all the appropriate documentation is filed.

No matter which audit method the Internal Revenue Service chooses, the IRS officer has probably asked for certain records. Hiring a tax professional who knows how to handle an IRS tax audit is essential.

Why Should You Get a Lawyer for an IRS Tax Audit?

An Internal Revenue Service audit can be an extremely difficult experience for a taxpayer. In an audit, the taxpayer has the burden of proving the earnings, deductions, and credits taken on a tax return. For this reason, IRS audits tend to be extremely complicated, stressful, and sensitive. Additionally, if the IRS finds an issue in your tax audit, you may face hefty fines and even criminal charges if you’re accused of violating state or federal tax laws.

tax attorney is trained to deal with all the technicalities associated with the IRS tax audit resolution process. A tax attorney can level the playing field and solve your tax issues quickly and correctly so you can move on from this stressful situation.

Top Tax Attorney for IRS Audits

In navigating the audit process, skill and experience are key. At Gao Tax Law, we have the pragmatism, inside knowledge, and unique know-how to help you quickly resolve the situation and put this stressful ordeal behind you.

We are dedicated to providing efficient, smart, and cost-effective tax audit representation services to individuals, families, and business owners in the Metro-Atlanta area, boasting an extensive track record of success. These qualities are invaluable when facing the IRS, and founding tax attorney Jarter Gao is skilled in negotiating with the IRS and other tax authorities, accomplishing exceptional outcomes for his clients time and time again.

IRS Tax Audit Defense Strategies

From the moment you learn of your IRS correspondence, your tax audit defense lawyer will stand by your side every step of the way until you reach a favorable resolution.

At Gao Tax Law Firm, we’ve represented taxpayers with tax audits before the IRS, and we can help you, too. We can:

  • Respond professionally to any IRS correspondence you receive.
  • Contact the IRS on your behalf so that you don’t have to face them directly.
  • Represent your case.
  • Fight for you on issues that come up, such as positions taken on tax returns.
  • Escalate your issue to other remedies if the solution feels unfair or extreme.

As your IRS tax attorneys, we will work hard to represent you and ensure that the IRS authority does not take total control of the tax audit process. Even if the audit was caused by a small mistake or excessive deductions, we can view the case from several angles and find legal loopholes to protect your interests.

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The IRS tax audit process can be complicated, especially if it’s an office or field audit. You do not want it to last any longer than it needs to. That’s why it’s so essential to have a tax expert guiding you each step of the way.

If you’re looking for the top tax lawyers near meGao Tax Law Firm can assist. You can depend on our tax attorneys to acquire the very best possible result for your audit situation. Our objective is to ensure that your voice is heard and that your good name is protected. Call us today at (404) 747-7073 or contact us online to learn more about us or schedule a free one-hour consultation and begin moving forward.

Solutions for Resolving Your IRS Debt

Contact us at no obligation to you so we can understand your specific tax situation and provide advice on the options available to you. Your tax issue is handled with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.

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If you are facing a tax dispute or audit, you probably have questions, and Gao Tax Law has the answers. Our mission is to help you obtain a fair resolution to your tax debt and to provide you with excellence, integrity, and personal attention every step of the way. This begins with a confidential free consultation for one hour, at no cost to you, where we will thoroughly examine the facts of your case and guide you through your options.

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