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Do You Need a Criminal Tax Attorney?

If you are under investigation for criminal tax code violations in the United States, you need representation from an experienced criminal tax attorney. Such an attorney is prepared to discuss criminal tax matters with agents from the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation division.

IRS special agents typically have the discretion to choose whether the agency pursues a case as a civil or criminal tax controversy matter, and a conviction on criminal tax fraud charges can result in a prison sentence, asset seizure, and significant fines. An attorney who represents clients facing criminal tax fraud allegations may strive to prevent criminal charges by amending tax returns or negotiating a financial settlement for outstanding taxes. Should an out-of-court settlement fail to emerge, criminal tax lawyers defend individuals and businesses at criminal trials.

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Understanding Criminal Tax Fraud

The subject’s intent is what separates criminal tax fraud from tax problems caused by mistakes. The Internal Revenue Service views purposeful acts to avoid paying taxes or wrongfully collect tax refunds as criminal.

You may face charges of criminal tax fraud if evidence suggests that they used deductions and exemptions that they did not qualify for. Concealing income, falsifying documents, inserting personal expenses into business expenses, and keeping secret account ledgers also represent criminal tax fraud.


Criminal Tax Laws

The Internal Revenue Service distinguishes between criminal tax evasion or fraud and failure to pay taxes due to mistakes. The agency has the power to pursue cases for either criminal or civil tax violations. Should a conviction result, criminal tax charges expose you to serious penalties, including prison sentences.

When to Hire a Criminal Tax Lawyer

When special agents from the IRS Criminal Investigation division approach you, the government is viewing the case as a criminal matter instead of as a civil matter. If you are confronted by this possibility, you should seek immediate representation from an IRS audit lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of criminal charges and trial procedures.

A tax attorney who represents white-collar crime defendants defends clients from criminal charges related to tax evasion or fraud. You may retain the services of such an attorney while under investigation or after the formal filing of charges, but it’s always ideal to seek legal guidance during the investigation stage.

Handling a Criminal Tax Investigation

Audits by the Internal Revenue Service generally involve confirming tax filing accuracy, and mistakes happen that could result in civil penalties. However, a criminal tax investigation places you at risk of going to prison, losing a professional license, and/or forfeiting assets.

The IRS Criminal Investigation unit looks for evidence of money laundering, violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, use of false or stolen names on an IRS tax return, and other fraudulent activities. An IRS special agent may use forensic accounting and advanced methods to reveal evidence held in encrypted computers. The results of these criminal tax investigations are then referred to the Department of Justice for recommended prosecution.

Convictions for income tax fraud come with harsh penalties. For example, the purposeful evasion of taxes represents a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000 for an individual. People confronted by these accusations usually retain legal support capable of discussing tax law and defending against criminal prosecution.

The Role of an IRS Criminal Tax Attorney

The Internal Revenue Service has substantial legal power to collect unpaid taxes and penalize those accused of avoiding taxes. At Gao Tax Law Firm, our tax defense lawyers are dedicated to defending clients from unjustified allegations. They may broker a settlement for a tax debt or prove to the IRS that taxes were filed and paid correctly.

Some federal tax cases become criminal cases instead of civil matters, but the efforts of a criminal tax lawyer may dissuade the IRS from filing criminal charges. When charges have already been filed, a lawyer may propose a financial settlement that allows the government to collect taxes without continuing with criminal prosecution. Such cases could go to trial though, and at that point, you may rely on your lawyer to defend you.


How Our Tax Defense Lawyers Can Help

The stakes are higher in criminal cases. A tax defense lawyer may try to negotiate a reduction of charges or restrain the case to a civil matter only. Successful representation may protect you from going to prison as well as prevent any other potentially life-changing penalties.

An IRS tax resolution attorney may question the conclusions of agents and potentially provide evidence that counteracts their assumptions about illegal actions. However, even after the filing of charges, you may ask an attorney to negotiate a plea bargain or defend them at trial. Reducing the charges prior to conviction or avoiding a conviction entirely protects you from prison time, fines, and reputational damage.

Hiring a Criminal Tax Defense Attorney


Requests for information from the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation unit signal that charges may be imminent. The advice of a criminal tax defense attorney can prepare you to fight against these by casting doubt on the claim that you intended to avoid paying taxes.

Unpaid taxes attributed to mistakes instead of criminal acts shield you from the threat of prison time. A criminal tax defense attorney will try to prevent charges or reduce their severity by questioning evidence or introducing more evidence. The attorney might work out a settlement that avoids criminal prosecution and helps you fall back into compliance. At times, the facts may call for defending you at trial.


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You should always take allegations of tax fraud or evasion seriously. Representation from an experienced tax defense attorney could shield you from making inappropriate statements to IRS agents. An attorney may succeed in organizing the documentation that disproves the allegations of investigators or at least eliminates the most serious charges.

Legal counsel may also empower you to reach a settlement deal that pays any overdue taxes and penalties while preventing asset seizure or wage garnishment. When the IRS makes criminal allegations, then a tax defense attorney experienced with plea bargaining or criminal trials can strive to protect your rights and professional reputation. Contact Gao Tax Law today to get started. We look forward to assisting you!

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